We all have those moments where we’re on the lookout for new perspectives. Some people particularly want to know about personal growth and/or professional development, individual or organisational issues, or recurring work and/or private related themes. Other people hit a wall in their (working) life and need someone to give them structure, someone who asks the right questions without already leaning towards a certain answer. Our coaches listen to you. They are at your side and help you take control of your life by asking the right questions, adding structure and looking for suitable solutions. No matter your job position or the theme at hand.

Solid Sense can help you in various ways, we:

  • create a clarity of purpose with you;
  • make you aware about your qualities and how you've 'harvested' your career thus far;
  • balance that what causes you stress and overburdening;
  • inform you about what can block your change process;
  • create new perspectives to seek out new, creative solutions;
  • investigate your talents, drives and motivation;
  • reach insights into your ambition, interests and what leaves you feeling fulfilled;

Solid Sense career coaching The Hague investigates and discovers the possibilities to increase awareness and take ownership of your career. We add structure, provide support and give you feedback. We don’t beat around the bush. We establish your scope as a person so you can reach your professional and personal goals.


Many employees in recent years have found a way forward by using our specialised coaches. Below you can find a selection of our themes:

  • 'Enjoy your work’
  • 'Finding life’s themes'
  • 'Personal leadership'
  • 'Pleasant work relations with co-workers and managers'
  • 'Insights into, and using, own emotions and those of others'
  • 'Being resilient and setting boundaries'
  • 'Knowing where I am now and knowing where to go'
  • 'Balance private/work life'.
  • 'Being authentic and having self-confidence'
  • 'Resilience and vitality'
  • 'Dealing with change (personal and work-related)'
  • '(Re)discovering my personal energy sources'

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