The eagle feather

The eagle feather used in our logo stems from Indian symbolism. It is used during prayer, serving as a source of ideas and a symbol of honour.

Most native Indian peoples attach special value to the eagle. This majestic bird symbolises honour, courage, honesty, truth, grace, strength, wisdom, power, freedom, love and friendship. Its wings represent the balance between people; each dependent on the other to safeguard that balance.

Much of the meaning behind the eagle and the feather can be found in our approach. We are quick to reach the core of any issue, which requires courage, wisdom, self-honesty, strength and a healthy coach-coachee balance.

Receiving an eagle's feather is the greatest award for people of most nations. They are honoured, treated well and respected. We have an idiom in Dutch, where "giving someone a plume" is synonym to giving someone a compliment. We can all use a compliment from time to time.

" Trust is believing in what you cannot see yet "