Career Coaching

Career coaching is the solution for employees who wish to evaluate their development inside or outside their own work setting. Our solution-oriented method gets people thinking in opportunities and provides an insight into what the employee can and wants to do.

We assist employees in seizing their career by reflecting about motivation, talents and life. Career coaching by Solid Sense is often quick to yield real results.

Solid Sense is here to help. Our activities include the following:  

  • discover your career goals: what is it you really want to do?;
  • find answers to career questions;
  • give you an 'MOT' about your career;
  • speak openly about burn-outs, stress, being overburdened, and finding new opportunities.
  • increase personal insight, confidence, resilience and success;
  • lift your enthusiasm about your current job;
  • help you discover your talents and investigating your drive and intrinsic motivation.

Solid Sense career coaching The Hague investigates and discovers the possibilities to increase awareness and take ownership of your career. We add structure, provide support and give you feedback. We don’t beat around the bush. We establish your scope as a person so you can reach your professional and personal goals.

Content and teaching methods

We use various methods and tools that are tailored to your specific issue. We've helped many employees over the years who struggled with questions like:

  • "What is it I really want?"
  • "I'm ready for a next move, but what?"
  • "I can't handle my work pressure anymore, should I go look for another job?"
  • "I'm good at what I do, I just don't enjoy it (anymore). What would be best for me in the current job market: stay or leave?'
  • 'Would self-employment be up my alley?'
  • 'I think they're going to make me redundant; how do I stay professional and motivated until that happens?'

We use the following methods for the above methods: questionnaires like the MBTI and the OPQ, the RET, NLP, Transactional Analysis, core quadrant by Ofman, competencies, - skills, - drive, and qualities game, a SWOT analysis and biography exercises. Career coaching The Hague by our Solid Sense coaches is here to help.

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